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Pick up the phone ! baby boss is calling you ,
Get into the class or work and everywhere with Call from the super star baby boss prank it’s joker prank or moi moche et méchant !
get your baby boss fake call app ever
Live The fun Life , For this summer, download the spookiest app that will send chills down your spine. Call from baby boss prank features a pre-recorded fake call from a very creepy sexy baby boss , preformed by our voice actor baby boss .
Whether trying to have a little fun for yourself or trying to surprise and prank your friends, you will find Fake Call From funny baby boss the perfect app to use for this summer!
baby boss Fake Call fun Prank ! is an prank phone call app which features the best 3 pranks in it

1 > A fake call from the baby boss zone

2 > Demons The funny baby boss Squad prank call dial

3 > Fake jhon cena call prank

These above mentioned pranks are executed in this app very amazingly that no one can differentiate between voices of this app demon and real demons

Call baby boss prank – now it’s real! Play your friends. Run the spoof, select the time after which you call baby boss and wait. Annex thought time (which makes a real challenge), vibration + musical accompaniment. You call yourself a call baby boss prank. baby boss
Call From baby boss is an application for calling from baby boss. this Call From baby boss is just fake call from baby boss and just prank
Call From Baby is boss an application for Baby Boss. this Call From baby boss is just fake call from Baby Boss and just prank
download this A fake call from baby boss name the wrestler and his name is sound! Baby wrestling Calling Prank help you to select a caller from your contacts list or enter a new contact wrestling log rock trivia. One can also choose the time to call and set some false calls for a different time wrestlers ultimate.

How To use baby boss Fake Call fun Prank ! :

Yeah ! to use this app is very easy

> Just select the prank you want to go
> You will receive a call from demon baby boss not minion Squad , baby boss zone and third one will be a sexy funny baby boss
> Pick the call or reject the call it up to you !!
> Shows unknown fake caller id
> Finally A Demon Detector which break phone screen
* If you picked the phone :

baby boss will talk to you and then after some time screen will break
it’s not a real call from jhon cena or killer neighbor or bendy or spider man or a real video call from harry potter or killer clown or samara
killer chucky or freddy krueger or ariana grande or justin beiber or anna belle doll or jeff killer or santa or sponge bob or jojo cewa or mr krupp or harley quinn or a real video call from rihanna it’s just an app for fun prank that’s all

* If you not pick the phone:

This will lead towards main menu

Main feature of baby boss Fake Call fun Prank !:

> interface Simple And Easy To Use with some good graphic disign.
> Free to use
> Best Graphics like real
>Executes like real ghost call
>Light weight

Why any body should Download baby boss Fake Call fun Prank ! :

> Because this app focuses on real calling people phone calls and provides real enjoyment to share with friends
via scaring them .
ATTENTION! This is not a real calling and only an imitation! The app does not bear any harm and is only for fun and stop feeling bord and depressd so don’t forget to leave us your feedback plzz make sure to enjoy it
give it try and don’t forget to leave us your feedback to make sure to fix any of the problems.

Category: Entertainment
Requirements: 3.2 and up

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