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Here’s ACLS Simulador 2017 APK Android Full APP Free Download. This is the Spanish version of ACLS Sim 2017. Anesoft ‘ACLS Simulator 2017’ resuscitation improve your skills. This application is a simulator that lets you test the mega codes management of cardiac arrest – anytime and anywhere. Simulated cases reinforce the treatment guidelines of the American Heart Association ECC 2015. With regular practice, you will always be ready to perform a complete cardiac resuscitation.

In this simulation environment should assess the patient’s rhythm and electrocardiogram, decide on the appropriate management and guide two assistants through the resuscitation. Attendees are experts, but will only do what you tell them to do. You must serve as the team leader. One of the rescuers will administer the airway and vent while the other perform chest compressions and defibrillation.


  • This application is the Spanish version of ‘ACLS Sim 2017’. This version has improved graphics and performance.


  • Twelve cases for this application written by Howard Schwid. The first case is a very tolerant VFIB to make it easy for you to learn how to use the application time.
  • The next two cases also include ventricular fibrillation, but with a more difficult and realistic timetable. Cases 4 and 5 are for pulseless ventricular tachycardia, asystole to another, and other cases covers the algorithm tachycardia.
  • The application includes the “What now”. Use the “What now” frequently to learn to use the program. In addition, the “Now” will always indicate the best management decision for the current state of the case.
  • The application also notes and analyzes its case management. The combination of simulation, which now support and debriefing provide optimal training experience.
  • This application is only for training purposes. Do not assume that a real patient will behave exactly like any of the simulated patients.
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Requirements: 4.1 and up

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