Active Architect Pro - Interval Workouts 1

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What does this app offer?
– Simple tools for managing, building and categorizing workouts.
– Interactive calendar makes building your workout schedule a breeze.
– Automatically generated statistics for tracking workout progress.
– Workout interval timer packed with audio and visual cues throughout your workout.
– Enjoy the flexibility of doing your workout anytime anywhere.
– Allows music streaming apps to continue playing in the background.
– No sign up or user profile, simply start the app and begin building workouts.
– All workouts are stored locally on your device for speedy access.

Who is this app for?
You will find this app very useful if you are someone who enjoys interval training, and wants a simple way to build and manage your own personal workouts.

What type of workouts can I build?
The system you use for building workouts is geared toward interval training.
Below is a list of a few different activities that are well suited for this kind of system.

– Circuit Workouts
– Cardio Workouts
– HIIT (high intensity Interval training)
– Tabata
– Boxing Workouts
– Crossfit Workouts
– Yoga Workouts
– Bodyweight Workouts
– Home Workouts
.. and many more

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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