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Few people get the chance to drive airport vehicles in real life, but with the help of Airport Vehicle Simulator you can experience the sensation of driving a passenger bus or an airplane tug. This simulation game is structured around a variety of missions that take place in an airport and in surrounding areas, such as a city or a parking lot. You start the simulation with a passenger shuttle and then you can work your way up to larger buses. You will also be able to buy additional vehicles, each of them with dozens of real-life airport scenario missions. Drive powerful aircraft tugs, taxis, limos and even big 18 wheeler trucks. The 3D open world allows you to explore the surroundings and the realistic simulation scenarios will challenge both your driving and parking skills as well as your managerial capabilities.

Here are the top main features that make Airport Vehicle Simulator a must-have for any sim games fan for 2017:

– 12 distinct vehicles from 4 categories: bus, taxi, tug and truck
– realistic 3D graphics
– open world airport and surrounding areas
– non-linear game-play: you pick your own missions!
– multiple cameras such as birds-eye view, dashboard, aerial
– multiple control options: steering wheel, arrows or tilt control
– frequent updates (new missions and vehicles added weekly)

If you are looking for a unique approach to airport simulation games you will definitely enjoy Airport Vehicle Simulator. The realistic mission scenarios take you through the variety of tasks that airport personnel have to accomplish. As you grow in experience and you accumulate cash you will be able to play more rewarding and challenging simulation missions. Unlike many other airport sim games released in 2017, Airport Vehicle Simulator provides a non-linear gameplay that allows you to get more missions with your favorite type of vehicle.

Expand your airport garage and add larger buses that can carry more passengers. Invest in more powerful aircraft tugs that can push large airplanes. Start off with a nimble 2-seat taxi and then move one to a regular airport taxi and even a VIP limo. And last but not least, get behind the wheel of a series of trucks and complete various missions with them. Additional airport vehicles will be added in the next few updates and you can expect to see motorized stairs and baggage tugs as well as other special airport machines.

So what are you waiting for? Give this airport sim game a go and see if you can collect all the buses, tugs, trucks and taxis. Download Airport Vehicle Simulator right now – it’s free!

Category: Simulation
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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