Here’s the Ankora Apk Android adventure game where Mûn the traveller of Interstellar Patrol Group 5, suffers a severe injury with her spaceship and must make an emergency landing to the Earth Ankora. It’s an extremely big world, filled with comparisons and harmful creatures, but Mûn is a fearless traveller with success skills that are excellent and confronts the experience with no anxiety. But soon she is going to have unanticipated aid: the ANKs. The ANKs really are a simple race living since antiquity in harmony in Ankora. They can be kindhearted and are broken up into tribes participated in professions that are different: predators, anglers, merchants, artisans, producers and wise men.


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  • APK Size: 81M
  • App Installs: 1,000 – 5,000
  • Android Version: 4.4 and up
  • Android Games Developer: Chibig

The lone way to request ransom would be to bring the transmitter components dropped on space ship touchdown which are spread around different distant places in the world together. With most of the bits, she is going to be able deliver the distress transmission and to assemble the aerial. Mûn has a great deal to discover in the ANKs, that will voluntarily assist him discussing their customs: instructing him to make properties, resources and constructions, items of jewellery, a variety of meals, recipes as well as magic products. Inturn, her support will be also provided by Mûn through innumerable assignments, getting an authentic ANK and devoted to every single occupation – Existence on earth Ankora isn’t simple, to live Mûn should defeat hunger and desire, searching for foods and water, cooking her very own conditions and fighting against the elements: rainwater, northern freezing cold and warm summers in the wasteland, extended nights filled with risks …

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    Where characters have grown at will, Mûn has excellent investigation perform in this crazy world, Ankora has big measurements, it’s broken up into 144 quadrants. Mûn should understand to conquer barriers: rivers, ponds and rapids, enormous stone obstructing the passageway, hills, degree hops… And several creatures. But the stuff she must progress and endure: timber, rock, steel and crazy crops will be also provided by character. Because Ankora is an exceptional and transforming world shortly she learns to open her very own manners.
    A vital job to live may handle the assets she finds on her experience and to produce her very own things. Mûn may gather lots of things in her backpack: meals, success resources, distinct stuff and things that are unique. These items may be joined in several ways utilising the kitchen as well as the desk that was operating. Her abilities and her likelihood of success will increase as Mûn discovers fresh recipes.

    The group may accompany her revealing her to make helpful resources and revealing their keys even though Mûn may start the experience with bare palms. The hammer to construct constructions, the spade to excavate or lift the landscape, the tool and the pickaxe to gather timber and rock, the hope to grow and harvest … as well as the spear as well as the hunting band to protect them self.
    Ankora is the 2nd match of the tale. If you enjoyed the adventure of Arco in miniature earth Deland, you will certainly love this fresh encounter of success and exploration. You will discover a fashion related to Weiland’s and several components, but additionally, several fresh attributes expanding and improving the gameplay in this cosmos. We’ve attempted to include several requests we receive from consumers and we anticipate it to be an enjoyable and intriguing name in building Ankora.

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