Arena World Tour 1

*** 10% Profit going to Billy Monger campaign ***

Arena World Tour is based on an arena that travels the world with 3 classes of racing. The championship is teams based, so therefore you will be required to be good at all 3 classes.

Hovercraft Racing – Drift,Jump and Rub your way to the finish line. Practice makes perfect as you rub with your competitors. Leave your competitors in the spray. Tracks include land, water, jumps, technical jumps and crossovers.

Arena Stadium Trucks – Let these beasts release 600 BHP as you 4wd drift and jump and race side by side. Plenty of tire smoke and rolling is involved in this class. Tracks include jumps, crossover jumps, rhythm sections.

American Buses – You have a few tons (kg) under your right foot! Use this class of racing to take out your nearest rival in the championship. Tactical thinking could be the way you win this championship. Tracks include Anti Clockwise Oval, Figure of 8 and Suicide Race (Half the field travel clockwise and the other half anti clockwise, everyone has the same goal to complete the same amount of laps.

Hovercraft now has a tutorial, do it before you moan about it!

Make sure you check out options as you can crank up the settings if you have a recent phone or reduce settings for better performance if you have an old phone.

With your support this could only be the start of Arena World Tour!

Category: Racing
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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