B2B Sales Training – Diagnosing Customer Needs 1

How can we meet and exceed customer expectations if we don’t fully understand what customers want? This app includes a proven process for uncovering customer needs and motivations, and identifying the best opportunities to add value from the customer’s perspective. It also features an interactive planning sheet to plan and develop the most effective exploratory questions that are relevant to the customer’s primary need. The result is more productive sales calls, easy adoption and consistent application of these game-changing concepts. These new skills will help you close more sales! This app is powered by top sales training company Carew International and features the incomparable Exploratory Process used in Carew’s popular Dimensions of Professional Selling® (DPS) sales training program.

Our ability to develop highly valued solutions is the foundation of our sales effectiveness and what separates us from competitors. This content and planning template arms sales professionals with the means to engage customers more effectively, fully understand their needs and motivations, and uncover new opportunities to support and surpass their business objectives. When we deliver valuable solutions, we become a valued asset to our customers!

Category: Business
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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