Here’s Beat.Me APK Android Music Game Download. “Beat.Me” is a fresh indie game produced with a Colonial student which has some intriguing components. If you’ve needed an enjoyable sport which utilises your personal songs to perform, then here is the sport for you personally. It’s up an easy take em, however, you must blast the baddies to the beats of songs you’re currently knowledgeable about.

Beat.Me is the easy but fascinating games that appear occasionally in the Play store – as well as the great thing about the Android environment, is the fact that almost anybody who examines program improvement may bring, also a 20-year old pupil in Italy. Beat.Me seems to make use of the songs in your apparatus – it is only going to take MP3 and WAV files for now– and utilises these to create amounts in the game.

Beat.Me is a game where your music is the levels ! The game reacts to your music!
The levels are unique, based on the music chosen for your device.

How to play:

  • Move your ship with your thumb, the ship shoots based on the music beat.
  • Hit the enemies to gain points.
  • Destroy the enemies to gain extra points.
  • When hit by the enemy, you lose points.

Conquer your buddies within their favorite tunes. Get at the the top of leader boards and get most of the accomplishments. Get medals to most of the tunes and discover each of the boats to function as unequalled grasp of the beat.

PS: for now it only helps .mp3 and .wav

Get it on:
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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