BOOST BALL is an action pool game. Pot Point Balls, dodge DOOM Balls, and pick-up Power-Ups. Play against the clock in Arcade and Trial mode across three difficulties over 18 levels that will test your dexterity.

Move the Cue Ball to pot the point balls. Small light balls are worth 1 point, then up to 3 points for balls that are larger and heavier, and then finally up to the heaviest and largest balls which are worth 9 points each. In Arcade mode you get time back too! However, the time limit isn’t the only thing that’s working against you! The DOOM ball is a flashing ball that homes in on your position. On lower difficulties this ball will give you a nasty bounce (dont fall in those pockets!) but you get touched on HARD difficulty or Arcade mode and its GAME OVER! There are things to help you in this struggle, with several power-up to collect, including one that makes you immune to the DOOM ball!

Can you complete all the levels? Can you perfect them? How high can you score in Arcade?

Category: Sports
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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