Here’s the Botanicula APK+OBB Full paid game free download which is a comedy stuffed adventure game developed by the manufacturers of award winning studio Design Machinarium and group DVA. Tree animals that were small, five buddies, put down on a trip to save the seed that was final from their home tree which is infested by parasites that were evil.

Botanicula 2

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An adventure sport is a computer game where the participant assumes the role of the character in an interactive storyline driven by exploration and problem-resolution. The style emphasis on storyline enables it to draw heavily from other plot-based press, books and film, covering a wide selection of fictional styles. Several journey games (text and graphical) are intended to get one participant because this focus on storyline and character makes multiplayer style hard. Large Cave Adventure has recognised as-is the very first such journey sport, first introduced in 1976, while additional famous journey sports set contains Zork, King’s Mission, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Myst.

Journey games that were first created in the early 1980s and the 70s were text-based, utilising parsers to convert the ball player input signal into instructions. The visual adventure game structure became popular, initially enhancing participant text instructions with images, but shortly going towards point interfaces as PCS became better with the aptitude show images. Additional PC progress brought to journey games with more immersive images utilising real-time or pre-rendered three-dimensional displays or full-motion movie chosen from the very first- or third-person view.

FULL PAID APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

Botanicula 3


  • Relaxed game perfect for hardcore gamers, their partners, families and seniors.
  • More than 150 detailed locations to explore.
  • Hundreds of funny animations.
  • An incredible amount of hidden bonuses.
  • Award-winning music by Dva.

Botanicula ModsBotanicula 4


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