CalcNotePlugin for GoogleDrive 1

Dear user, this plugin is not a standalone app, you need to install CalcNote or CalcNote Pro (v2.4.14 or later) first.
This plugin allows you to automatically backup your files and drafts to GoogleDrive.


CalcNote Pro

How to use
1. Launch the CalcNote for GoogleDrive.
2. Enable [Sync with your Google Drive]3. Select your google account.
4. Sign in to your Google Account.

This plugin creates “__calcnote__” folder to your google drive root folder.
All of your files and drafts are saved in this folder.
Also plugin creates “trash” folder in the “__calcnote__” folder.
All for your deleted files and drafts are saved in the “trash” folder.

1. When used on multiple devices, A file created by device A are automatically synchronized to device B. File updates and deletes are also synchronized.
2. This plugin is intended to provide automatic backup. It does not provide accurate synchronization function.
3. Plugin resolves an update conflict based on device time. So if the time of the device is not accurate, it will result in unintended consequences.
4. A file created by another application is not synchronized. If you create text file using GoogleDrive app and save file to “__calcnote__” folder, file is ignored by this plugin.
5. Plugin does not delete deleted files in the trash folder. So you need to delete deleted files manually if need.

Category: Productivity
Requirements: 4.0 and up

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