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CalcSoap Amazonia Soap Bar Calculator – includes more than 150 oils, fats and butters including oils from the Amazon jungle and autochthonous plants from North, Central and South America, Africa, Tahiti, Malaysia …

Handcrafted soap. Soap Maker.

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My thanks to Marcela Burgos of Art by Chela for their immense help and collaboration, without it would have been impossible to realize this calculator.

Calculate the weight in grams of the water and alkali you need according to the oils, waxes or butters (lipids) that you will use in the production of your homemade or homemade soaps.

It works with percentages of water concentration and superfatting. Adjust the WATER as % of Oil to the values recommended by (32-33%).

Now with a section with additives that influence the properties of the soap, little by little we will be updating. There is also a section with additives that do NOT influence either because they do not modify the properties or because at the moment we do not have the calculations.

There is a special section for superfat: it includes the analysis of the first lipid as a single agent, shown the value of the iodine present and the grams to be added in the trace and in the lye. The iodine value for all lipids is also shown.

In “Observations” you can write down additional information like the name of the essential oils and / or aromas and anything that you consider relevant.

Analyze the graph of the properties of the soap: hardness, bubbles, creaminess, cleanliness and emolience; Essential for obtaining a suitable soap.

Rewrite the total weight of your formulation.

Compare oils, fats, waxes and / or shortenings ordered by the basic properties of hardness, bubbles, creaminess, cleanliness, emolliency and Iodine.

Share your recipe by email, whatsapp, dropbox, .., or store it on your device.

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