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Browser games have never become too popular on smartphones. After all, compared to what a native app can offer, they are simple, almost rudimentary – web apps are far less integrated with the system, they can’t use the phones’ hardware so efficiently, and they are overall less capable than native apps. All this might change soon, though, thanks to a title that is set to join the ranks of Euro Palace mobile games sometime in the second quarter of 2017. The game is called “Castle Builder II”, and it has been built by Austrian game developer and game art services provider Rabcat.

Spin to build

Castle Builder II is a game that takes the best features from two worlds: social games and slot machines. Depending on where you stand, you can consider it a game that represents the next step in the evolution of slots or a social game that adds elements of chance and real money wins to the mix. That, of course, if you play it for real at the Euro Palace. Which you can do but it’s not mandatory: the Euro Palace gives its players the chance to play all its games, desktop or mobile, free of charge – for fun.

The ultimate goal of the game is – as its name suggests – to build castles. The building itself will be done in a slot machine game: players will need to spin the game’s five reels, wait for combinations of at least three symbols – building materials like stone, metal, bricks, and wood, and other symbols related to the game. The features of the slot machine are different depending on the builder profile the player chooses – but more on that later. Once a rack fills with six units of building materials, it is used to complete a phase of the construction. Depending on the complexity of the project, between a handful and a dozen racks of materials might be needed.

Once the castle is completed, the princess (or prince) moves in, and the suitors arrive. Players will need to choose one of the several options presented by the game, hopefully, the richest one – their bonus for constructing the castle depends on it.


At the beginning of the game, players will need to choose one of the two available builder profiles. Both of them have their own perks and special features to add to the game. Sam, the expert oldtimer, will help the castles to be built faster, and the bonuses to be more consistent. Mandy, the newcomer, will make less money at first but will add free spins to the mix. A third builder profile will become available later in the game – as players unlock achievements and gather experience points, they will be able to unlock new perks and the mysterious builder with a magical sword in his hand.

Release date

Castle Builder II was introduced at Microgaming’s ICE Totally Gaming stand this February. The game was initially released as an exclusive title at Austria’s WinToday, and it is set to be launched at the Euro Palace and all other Microgaming-powered gaming outlets in the second quarter of 2017.

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