Here’s the Castle of Legends APK Android strategy game free download. Fortress of Stories is a multiplayer on-line dream MMO-SLG in which you conserve a property ravaged with a cataclysmic catastrophe, sponsor fabled characters from different occasions, and have to build a fortress. In a mystical and shadowy terrain of castles and stories, an unparalleled disaster has been activated by a failed test, creating fearsome creatures to appear your fortress and beginning a moment rift! As master of the way, you must reconstruct your fortress, investigating the changes that are fantastic on earth around you!

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Castle of Legendsfree android strategy game download


  • Construct Flooring with Exceptional Features: Rebuild the different levels of your fortress-like you’ve never noticed, and get back the empire to its former beauty in a fortress creating simulation! Operate your fortress just how YOU would like! Teach your characters and set them ordering them to create new things to perform and learn more about the planet, while eliminating all sorts of bad creatures on the way!
  • Enlarge Your Military of Mythical Characters: Collect mythical characters together from across space and time. Sponsor stories like Nobel and Einstein that will help you reconstruct the fortress, while the planet is explored by winners including Zorro and Arthur! Who’s your favourite hero? Collect them!
  • Update Characters and Create Legendary Tools: Order your great artisans type caravans to collect ore in the mine, assemble gear, and improve things! Level your favourite characters up!
  • Fight Your Competitors in Mad PVP: Gain sources by occupying strategic factors on the globe chart and getting the better of gamers! The goldrush is on! Dashboard into the fray as you beat them all in your search, and challenge other gamers in a variety of PVP ways that are wonderful!
  • Start on a Moment-Touring Experience: Dwarf kingdoms, Goblin woods, forgotten flatlands that were freezing, fortresses, and much more! Research enchanting properties from stories that are well-known and clash with bad leaders on the way and countless creatures that are terrifying! There’s a mystifying planet available for you, therefore, gear up your characters to investigate and prepare to move! Discover the secrets of a moment in a brilliantly enjoyable RPG storyline that crosses across area and time, and make a tale of you’re in this new sport that is awesome!

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Castle of Legends APK Castle of Legends MOD APK


Castle of Legends APK

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