Chain Dungeons MOD

Here’s the Chain Dungeons MOD APK.  for Android latest version We are happy to declare that Chain Dungeons is playing “Google Play Many Needed” between 6th – 14th Oct 2016.
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Chain Dungeons MOD

Chain Dungeons MOD by

Chain Dungeons Apk MOD- Updated/Latest Version:



  • A simple fundamental guideline: Hyperlink puzzles!
    Grasp linking the [ Pocoron ] the mysterious ever changing dungeons!

  • Battle foe creatures in the dungeons!

    Attack enemy monsters by connecting up [ Pocoron ] of precisely the same color!Stack stores up to boost your energy! Unleash a continuous combination of attacks!Linkup [ Pocoron ] of exactly the same colour to summon powerful friend creatures to aid you in battle!

chain dungeons mod apkchain dungeons mod apk

  • Craft wonderful gear with the stuff you get!

    Collect stuff from dungeons to create new weapons !Build rare strong equipment by collecting materials that are uncommon!Craft and wear your greatest pieces of equipment!

  • Raise your creatures and generate the most powerful party!
    Generate a celebration uniquely yours with the monsters you befriend in the dungeons!
    There are creatures monsters with unique requirements for evolution, as well as only obtainable for a small time from dungeons that are special! Don’t skip out on any of them!
  • Play to your friends!

    Become supporters of your companions in the game and possibly they will conserve you when you’re in a pinch!Show off to your own buddies and partners your favorite set of equipment!


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Chain Dungeons Mod Apk

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