Clamp Audio Player 1

PLEASE NOTE: File support is currently limited to stereo MP3 tracks.

Why do some songs bounce on your home stereo but fizzle on your way to work? It’s not your speakers—your commute is simply too noisy. Pop music is engineered from the ground up to sound epic in your car, but many genres are mixed and mastered primarily for the quiet comfort of your living room. When subjected to the external noise of your commute, such tracks completely unravel.

The problem lies with a property of your music known as dynamic range, which describes the discrepancy between the loudest and quietest elements of a track. A song with a large dynamic range will exhibit significant fluctuations in volume, and certain instruments may be mixed far louder than others. On your home stereo, this variety creates in an exciting and lively listening experience. In your car, it results in ear fatigue and loss of clarity, as louder elements dominate the listening experience while quieter elements hide beneath the noise floor.

Many music players offer equalization preferences, but user-adjustable dynamics processing is nearly unheard of—likely because most dynamics processing tools are complicated and counterintuitive to laypeople (and many audio engineers alike). Clamp player takes a more intuitive approach to dynamics processing. Using original algorithms and intelligent control systems, it distills the myriad of settings found on industry-grade dynamic range processors into two simple and intuitive controls. The result is a tool that allows casual listeners to perform the sort of processing carried out by professional mastering engineers, and to make their music pop in noisy environments.

Requirements: Varies with device

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