Here’s the Clown Outbreak Apk download a horror adventure game for android where Several adolescents in a playground enjoying with a joke that goes terribly wrong. Perform as Claire although avoiding some severely threatening enemies in order to find the right path from the playground!BE SCARED OF THE CLOWNS! The trend that’s hit in the Britain and the United States, beginning in North Carolina now reached outbreak levels worldwide. In 2016, Claire Cunningham became a victim of a serial homicide. Her phone was recovered accounting her last days alive. This is her footage. This is the debut game by the developer and is damn scary to play.

Clown Outbreak Apk Download by

Clown Outbreak Apk Download by

Researcher Bill Radford, considering the occurrence of clowns that are poor during history, creates that clowns are noticed as idiots, trickers, and more; yet , they may get away with performing so, talk their thoughts, and constantly are in a handle. When composing the novel Poor Clowns, Radford discovered that specialise clowns aren’t usually keen on the poor clown character. They observe them as “the spoiled apple in the barrel, whose awful vision and scent throws suspicion on the remainder of these,” and tend not to want to support or multiple coulrophobia. They might not wear clown outfit but, however, participate with individuals for his or her own entertainment, mistreatment, mock and talk what they believe of as the “fact” similar to the court jester and “drop clowns” do utilising “human mistakes” against their casualties. Radford says that even though poor clowns penetrate the press in motion pictures, Television, audio, comic books, and more, the “great clowns” exceed the bad types. A Study reveals that many individuals tend not to fear clowns but really adore them and that poor clowns are “the different, maybe not the guideline.”

Clown Outbreak APK MOD Updated/Latest Version:

Clown OutbreakAndroid horror game


  • Outrun your opponents.
  • Utilise the Mild / Sound attribute to hide from your own opponents!
  • Excellent audio and images.
  • Difficult AI that is sophisticated and gameplay which makes each encounter distinct.
  • Fresh levels added for each 1000 downloads obtained including the house of Claire and a Train stop!
  • More footage, more narrative, more cut scenes.

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Clown Outbreak APK OBB

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