ColorfulZooper Pro 1

This is not a stand alone app. Zooper Widget Pro should be installed prior using this pack!
If you considering purchasing the Pro version please delete the free one first.

The pro version includes 42 widgets

The widgets were created and tested on Marshmallow (6.0.1) ,with Nova launcher , however it should support 4.0.3+. In case of issues while using different launcher ,please contact me using the provided email address written in the bottom of this page.
Please try to avoid bad review before contacting me ,as I might solve your issue .

Notes :
1. The icons on the Infobar ‘s widgets referring to the following apps.If those apps
don’t installed on you phone , you can choose either to install it or change the
“Module OnTap” option within Zooper Pro to the app you’re using:

-Drive (Google Drive)
-Google Calendar

2. You might have to scale and/Or change the widgets hight/width depending on
your screen size and the launcher you’re using.

How to install:

1. Download and install Zooper Widget Pro 2.58 or above

2. Download and install ColorfulZooper Pro

3. 3. Download MatWeather pack from the following link and copy the downloaded ZIP file to ZooperWidget/conSets :

4. Long press on the home page/Navigate to the App drawer (Depends on the type of launcher you’re using)

5. Navigate to Zooper widget pro option on the list

6. Choose the type of grid you would like to use.

7. Within the opened window choose the ColorfulZooper Pro package and then choose the requested widget.

Special thanks to :

– Tudy Thirteeneleven for letting me to use a great font he created .
– Prithu Goswami for letting me use his great weather iconsets. Additional work
by him can be viewed at the following link:

-AmazDooM font ‘ which I’m using in some of the widgets was downloaded from the following link :

-Nick Nice which I’m using his Wallpapers on the screenshots .

Icon pack on the screnshots by Vertumus :

Category: Art & Design
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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