CommBoards - Autism therapy  AAC 1

Commboards enables children and people of all ages with limited expressive abilities to express themselves by tapping on a picture or a symbol (AAC)
The tap is followed by the word being read aloud which in turn encourages oral speech and helps express thoughts and feelings.

Commboards is a feature-packed solution that includes:

✔ Predefined communication boards :
Eat – common foods
Drink – common drinks
Feel – happy, sad, angry, cofused
Play – common children toys and creativity items
Say Hellow To – mom, dad, grandparents

✔ High quality imagery.

✔ Add unlimited cells and categories with custom images and sounds

✔ Select images from out image bank

✔ Natural pronunciation of sounds and easy to understand images

✔ Associate photos to cells using the camera or use images from your gallery

✔ Record sounds using the microphone and associate it with any cell

Category: Education Medical
Requirements: 4.2 and up

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