Cooking - Beach Yummy Burger Restaurant 1

Cooking – Beach Yummy Burger Restaurant simulation is yummy challenge of making delicious burgers
The game brings a cool challenge. Your goal is to earn a target amount of money in the given time in order to clear the level. Only have at Burger Fever

Yummy Burger Restaurant is close to the beach, and there is always lots of clients. You will have to prove that you are capable of managing restaurant’s kitchen and orders! As customers will come to buy something to eat you will have to take orders and prepare food for them as quickly as possible. Quicker you do – more money you earn!

Beach Yummy Burger Restaurant is a fast paced burger serving game, this cooking game have many levels to play with and many burgers to create. If you love being a manager and manage your own restaurant and kitchen this is the game for you! Manage your profits and build your restaurant like a Tycoon! Try to cook American Burgers, manage customers and get your profits! As you progress through the game you will be an expert at management and speed will come naturally. It’s all about strategy.

Cook all kind of burgers, sell soda and coffee. When there is a lot of people inside restaurant the game becomes challenging! If customers are inpatient you can give them free food, to calm them down.

★★★ Vivid colorful visuals.
★★★ Sunny beach athmosphere!
★★★ Fast and delicious foods!
★★★ Addicting time management game!
★★★ Unique game challenges.
★★★ Lots of Upgrades!

Don’t be late or your customers might get angry and go away without taking their food. Running a restaurant is not an easy task especially when customers rush in with hungry nature looking for delicious foods. Cook your way to be the super chef. Begin your cooking chef fever now!!!

Download Cooking – Beach Yummy Burger Restaurant for Free now, and become a Tycoon of Burgers!

Category: Simulation
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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