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Sypreme Essence is a native of Connecticut, who has excelled through abrasive consequences from a fast lifestyle, and still managed to compromise with her experiences, while taking on a complete change and outlook on life. Essence is graced with the ability and knowledge of channeling and embedding her positive energy into her passions. This is why when she is writing, and consulting others, she goes above the normal standard to give herself to the world through creative means.
Sypreme began the path to helping others to improve their confidence levels by making positive changes to their credit. The Credit Warriors handbook, which is authored by her, serves as the blueprint to help people who are lost and in need of guidance on the step by step process of how the DIY credit repair process works. This amazing handbook was formulated in a way where it’s not too complex and the average person is able to adhere it. Her handbook unveils the mystery and dispels the myths when it comes to challenging derogatory items on one’s credit report.
She determined that the biggest issue that she was able to see for many was the lack of education about their credit. Which leads to unhealthy practices when obtaining credit. Usually individuals are solicited straight from high school without the proper guidance because the subject is never taught.
Essence strives to teach others that when building your credit profile, you should not have any more than three credit cards. Building too much credit in a short period of time is detrimental to how your credit is being reported, and will cause more harm than good. Once your credit profile is strong enough you can slowly add more cards. Her step by step course even aims on teaching you what to look for when determining the best card for you. To get the lowest interest rate possible takes some credit building to prove credit worthiness. When starting off she helps others understand that you may receive credit cards that offer a 20% interest rate or higher. Once you show that you are responsible you can always re-negotiate the APR or qualify for cards with 0%. The way an individual can improve their credit score is by clearing all derogatory marks from reports, obtain at least 2 revolving accounts, keep utilization below 30% preferably 10%, and pay all bills on time. With a heart to see others prosper, she took a step further to create a social media forum in hopes to inspire, and empower one to break the cycle of generational poverty, by taking control of his or her future and becoming financially free and creditworthy. The popular forum which hosts currently over 100K members has had a success rate of 100%. Essence has a high level of compassion for others and knows that people can often feel intimidated when it comes to their credit profile. They tend to ignore it as if it does not exist. They become complacent and accepting as if they are destined for failure. She strives to break the ongoing cycle in the homes of unfortunate families. Her aim is to have as many resource centers as possible across the United States to aid in helping others get placed on the path for success with their credit journey. This is only the start to many great paths for Sypreme Essence and she strives to help the world one score at a time to escape to financial freedom!

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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