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Download Cross Country’s latest mobile app Cross Country Jobs! Offering you even more travel nursing, allied, rehab and per diem job opportunities right to your phone. Cross Country TravCorps and Cross Country Per Diem, the industry’s most trusted staffing providers, now offer you instant access to our vast job search with Cross Country Jobs. Find the latest and greatest travel nursing and allied jobs, per diem jobs as well as local contracts. Choose your profession and specialty – then receive your list of available positions!

With over 35 years in the healthcare staffing business, we work with more than 2,500 healthcare facilities across the U.S. and the Caribbean. From large prestigious health systems to community hospitals, we can find the per diem job, local contract or travel assignment that is right for you. You can work right in your own backyard with per diem shifts or local contracts or decide to head out half way across the country.

All it takes is a few taps of the screen and to get what you want out of your healthcare career. Here are some simple steps you’ll have to follow:
* Enter your profession
* Choose up to two specialties
* Select position type
* Enter your desired assignment destination
* Tap the “Search Jobs” button

Cross Country Jobs Features:
* Cross Country Jobs features push notifications of new positions added for positions that match your most recent search criteria.
* Cross Country Jobs will save your latest selection for profession and specialties and display those preselected values the next time you look for travel and per diem jobs.
* Cross Country Jobs saves your last 5 searches as “Recent Searches” with the number of new jobs available.
* The job search screen will label new positions that have become available since the last time a search was performed.
* You can choose to view only new positions or view all open jobs.
* Exclusive Cross Country travel and per diem assignments will be labeled “HOT”. These are positions that are available only through Cross Country TravCorps and Cross Country Per Diem.
* You can label your favorite assignments on the list.
* Tap on the job to display a screen with a “call us” button or “have us contact you” link, which will bring you to a contact form.
* For all exclusive jobs, tap on the city, state line. This will display a map screen showing the job’s physical location.
* Use the “Exclusive” tab to navigate through a list of hot jobs that match the criteria previously entered. Once on the screen, users can choose to see jobs in “All locations” as well as the location indicated.
* “View Map” allows users to see exclusive job locations across the U.S.

Top tap bar navigation features include:
* “Back” button, to go back to your previous screen.
* Search “Location” field, displaying current entered location. Tap on the field to prompt the keyboard to type in a new location and perform a new search.

Bottom tap bar navigation features include:
* “Search” button that leads to the job search screen.
* “Exclusive” tab will show all current positions, in your profession and specialty that are available exclusively through Cross Country.
* “Favorites” button will bring you to a screen of only assignments you marked as favorites.
* “Promos” button will go to the screen with Cross Country news and promotions.
* “Contact” tab will display a contact page where you can choose to call Cross Country or have Cross Country contact you.

For more information on what Cross Country TravCorps and Cross Country Per Diem can do for your healthcare career, visit or

For questions or support please email: [email protected] or visit our support site

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