Dead target 2 mod download for free here on your Android phone modified with the latest version update the globe is surrounded by zombies. The person must dwell underground or inside deserted properties. There’re several children names MPS 16 who wants to gather another one that is dwelling. They’re traveling around the globe to find equipment and survivors. A memorial of background is where many zombies stuck the staff in the first moment of the experience. MPS-16 needs to combat overnight with few numbers of equipment and arms. There’s a secret continues to be found after that night which makes the team firmly objective feel in their goal. A real journey starts at that moment. There is an information from stimulated radio stated that a few scientists are living out there.

Therefore the MPS 16 goes out to save these scientists with the hope that the medication may be designed to save mankind. Lifeless Valley in the Middle-East is a target for this trip that is hazardous that is severe. Dead target 2: Zombie mod is an FPS game that is intense with an enormous number of handguns which could bring actual experiences to you Appreciate surroundings and the 3D characters.

You’ll be able to equip weapons and your very best team-mates to your tactic There are variety of character ability and gun’s effect Defend your foundation and battle around the world with additional adversaries Saving additional conflict and locating new equipment and weapons Facing which has many sorts of Bosses and hazardous zombies

DEAD TARGET 2 MOD- Updated/Latest Version:




  • Reasonable light and feel current figures, surroundings and zombies
  • Characters have skill system and distinct looks provide strategy that is mo-Re adaptive
  • 3 mode can be viewed in by handguns and can personalize with several parts
  • Bosses and zombies have skills and mo-Re behaviors



  • Characters are separated into distinct classes with skills that were unique.
  • Skills and appearances derive from class which delivers the distinct for each character
  • Each class and use only one type of arms and efficiently against one type of zombie
  • Character may be leveled-up along with a number of beginnings defines the rarity



  • The zombies are extremely hazardous with several sorts of abilities and behaviors
  • The Supervisor may take any animals objective it and resembles a huge
  • There is constantly new sort of zombies, which can be found in new places
  • Choosing correct guns can help to take zombies down faster


  • Many sorts of gun can be viewed in 3 facet
  • Firearm may be customized with various parts
  • The gun more effective and the stronger is made by special FX.
  • Gun can randomly locate in the sport with a change to get firearm that is most powerful


  • Player has change to guard and fight with still another challenges around the world
  • There’s a ranking system to compare all players.
  • Protect your base that is own and destroy creating that is other to get meals and fuels.


  • Player may go through several areas to locate materials and survivor
  • You can find many different places with zombies and fresh challenges
  • Each spot features for revealing a solution which waiting,
  • Participant must make an excellent strategy for each guide.


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  5. Done
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