Dragon Rivals : Circle of Nature 1

Addictive Gameplay, Tests your Reflexes.

Big vs Small, Fire vs Water vs Earth!

Join these playful dragons as they endlessly try to get the best of each other. Dragon Rivals is the new endless level based game crafted for casual gamers who love fast paced gameplay. This game tests your concentration as you constantly need to switch in and out of the circle.

Dragon Rivals is easy to play, just tap outside the circle to hop outside the tap inside circle to hop inside. Collect ammo and power ups and keep avoiding projectiles from the bigger dragon.

Collect Sparks by hitting the enemy and use them to unlock new dragons! Each dragon has a strength and a weakness- Discover the matchups for yourself!

Features :
* Test Your Reflexes with fluid and quick controls
* Unlock new dragonlings
* Fight different gigantic dragons!

Jump around the larger dragon with your nimble dragonling!

Twist and flip to dodge obstacles and collect ammo

Fire away with your own elemental attack

Score the highest you can by reaching the toughest level!

Category: Casual
Requirements: 4.0 and up

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