The smartphone has spread at an incredible speed in the last decade – and so have smartphone games. Today we have over half a million games to download from Google’s Play Store, with new ones being added to its library on a daily basis. There are many games, though, that are not listed in the Play Store but can be played in a mobile browser window. These games, built in HTML5, are completely cross-platform, running perfectly on basically any smartphone, and a ton of fun to play. You can try them yourself free at All Slots Canadian casino.

With the year coming to an end, more and more players are staying inside, frightened by the bad weather. For them, and for all other slot machine fans around the world, the All Slots has two great games to look forward to before the end of the year.

November comes with Dragonz


Dragons appear mostly in fairy tales and fantasy books and are quite popular among kids and readers. Dragonz, in turn, will not turn up in any of them, only in the game library of the All Slots Casino, starting this November. As you might expect, the game’s reels will be inhabited by three cute dragons (and a fourth one, quite ugly). Each one of the four – Flint, Switch, Frost, and Gobble – have their own special powers, which, in the case of a slot machine, means a special bonus.

When the game’s Free Spins feature is triggered, players will have the chance to choose one of the four dragonz to play with. Gobble will spit blobs of green goo on the reels, each blob turning into a Wild symbol stuck in place. Flint – as you might expect from a dragon – will spit fireballs on the screen, and wherever they land, they turn into Wilds. Frost’s Frosty Wilds do exactly what they sound like – they freeze Wild symbols in place. Last, but not least, Switch comes with its Stashed Wilds: it collects any Wild symbols landing on the screens, and spits them back onto the reels at the right time.


Dragonz will be released at the All Slots at the beginning of November – which means it might already be available by the time you’re reading this.

Decembers brings us Tarzan

What better place to escape the snow and frost than the lush African jungle? And what better adventure than joining the King of said Jungle on a quest to explore the secrets of the wilderness, and find true love in the process? Well, that’s exactly what the All Slots has in store for its players this December.

The Tarzan slot machine will come with a series of nice bonuses. When three or more Bonus symbols land on the reels, players will be taken to a Wheel of Fortune where chance will decide which way they will proceed. They can either trigger the Pick-a-Potamus feature, where they’ll have to seek the mouths of hippos for bonus payments, proceed to the Free Spins spiced up with Growing Wilds and Rolling Reels, or cash out the game’s Jackpot – 200 times the total bet.

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