earnPOWER 1

Now you can access earnPOWER from your mobile device. This app requires an earnPOWER account and is intended for internal use only by GM dealership personnel and GM employees.

Features include:
• Fingerprint access for easy login (supported devices)
• Spotlight
• Access to your wallet to redeem points
• Mobile App Ready Programs


OnStar Pre-Owned Activation Incentive:
The primary function of this program is to allow participants to submit claims in earnPOWER when they properly activate OnStar on any qualifying pre-owned GM vehicle.

Additional features allow users to:
• View the status of their most recent claims.
• View their earnPOWER award point balances

We will be adding more programs in the future, so stay tuned!

This application does not contain advertising and is not intended for use by consumers. This app is strictly for individuals employed at GM Dealerships and GM Field personnel.

Category: Business
Requirements: 4.0 and up

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