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Essential Oils for You is a beautifully designed application that recommends essential oils aligned with your life.

Wake up easily in the morning,
Concentrate better at work,
Relax body and mind at home,
Get better sleep at night.

All with the help from the recommendations from EO4U!

EO4U allows you to search through many different essential oils by scent. You can look for essential oils with similar scent, and explore the world of essential oils with your fingertips.

EO4U also lets you search by symptoms. So, when you have a headache, or you have just caught a cold, you can use a eucalyptus essential oil to feel better instantly.

Essential Oils for You provides you with a lively image of plant and a detailed explanation for each oil. You can find out interesting facts about each plant, and how essential oil is extracted from it. Plus, because your safety is of utmost importance, the app includes cautions for each essential oil. Please read them carefully.

In addition to all, EO4U suggests you what other essential oils blend well with a specific one. So, you can create your own recipe that suits your preference and your usage.

Coming soon:
– Share your own recipe with other users.
– See most liked essential oil from other users.
– Personalized user profile with preferences, for better recommendation.
– Location based recommendation (so when you are home after long day at work, you get stress-relieving recommendations)

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Requirements: 5.0 and up

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