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Here’s ES Disk Analyzer – Storage Space APK Android latest APP Free Download. ES Disk Analyzer – storage space is an advanced tool for disk storage management on your phone or tablet. It provides a way to help find new files, large Files, redundant files and directories on a storage card. With more useful functions like image compression and app junk files cleaning, storage could be freed up and files could well organise and presented in a structured way. You could easily acknowledge your device’s storage situation within ES Disk Analyzer.

ES Disk Analyzer – Storage Space APK. LATEST/UPDATED VERSION:

  • V 1.0
  • 1. One tap to clean redundant files
  • 2. Compress images to save more storage
  • 3. Manage file and data on your Android devices

ES Disk Analyzer – Storage Space ANDROID FEATURES:

  • Image compression
    This function enables you to compress a large image and seldom used image into a smaller size. It will help you save more storage space. It contains two choices to compress: lossless compression and lossy compression. You could choose which compression method according to your situation.
  • New files
    In this part, you could browse files created within 7days, according to files creating time. You could handle all new files in real time, and will not miss any of them.
  • Large files
    Open “large files” zone, all files larger than 10mb are listed. All large files could be opened, deleted or copied here. Within this feature, you could find big files easily.
  • Redundant files
    One tap to free up disk space and clean file Trash by finding out temporary files, log files, and empty folder
  • All partitions
    All file paths could be tracked from here, and the files’ proportion is clearly shown. You could know which files consume a lot of space.
  • App Battery Usage
    In this part, ES Disk Analyzer could manage power consumption for you to save more battery. Power draining applications would be showed out, and could be easily handled relying on this feature.
  • App Junk Files
  • ES Disk Analyzer offers professional clean for specific applications, helps you get rid out of junk files of frequently used apps.

It scans the storage space available on your device including internal storage, SD cards, all On-The-Go and attached devices, presenting the total and used space on each. All storage detail could be viewed in ES Disk Analyzer.

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Requirements: 4.0 and up

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