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Fidget Spinner Passcode is a free new app to lock your android device with cool Fidget Spinner background and Fidget Spinner wallpapers and also use a Fidget Spinner password to lock your phone screen and lock your applications with a pin code that only you set it and know it.

Customize your android device with Fidget Spinner pictures and FREE Fidget Spinner passcode to protect your privacy with password lock screen.
To use this screen lock you have to set a pin code and enable it. Fidget Spinner swipe is available also in this Fidget Spinner extreme application. Fidget Spinner on your phone without buying it.

After a big weave and popularity among us, Fidget Spinner toy people started to look and search for Fidget Spinners lock screen and Fidget Spinner screensavers, knowing that we started to search and collect for beautiful Fidget Spinner designs and Fidget Spinner real pictures to put in one awesome application. This one!!!

Fidget Spinner unlock and lock Features:
Slide to unlock your screen by setting a passcode to protect your application. With cool themes and Fidget Spinner xtreme wallpaper and keyboard, Fidget Spinner no wifi no internet connection needed for it to work.
Fidget Spinner customize features allow you to personalize your wallpaper by using Fidget Spinners or wallpapers from your own gallery.

Fidget Spinner Lock Screen is a wallpaper application to lock your phone and tablet screen with cool Fidget Spinner wallpaper and lock your phone with a Fidget Spinner password using Spinner keyboard.
Fidget Spinners lock screen is an application with the purpose of locking your android screen with hand spinners and Fidget Spinner wallpapers, When you open your device with Fidget Spinner passcode you will see a cool hand spinners wallpapers.

This Fidget Spinner Lock Screen Pro protect your privacy by locking your screen and your applications by a passcode and a pin code that only you know. With that, you are the only one who will be allowed to access your applications and your gallery. Best Fidget Spinner lock screen is beautiful and practical so don’t miss it, Download it Now for FREE !!!

You can customize your android device with free locker to personalize your android screen and protect your privacy with password lock screen. To use this screen lock wallpaper, you have to set at least 5 digits passwords as your pin code for screen lock via keypad. the Best lock screen is a free application.

Fidget Spinner Lock Screen Lock Screen Features:
– Fidget Spinner Lock Screen wallpapers.
– Fidget Spinner keyboard.
– Fidget Spinner Lock Screen backgrounds.
– The best lock screen with Fidget Spinner.
– Watch Fidget Spinner on your lock screen.
– Fidget Spinner backgrounds.
– Figdet Spinner.

Fidget Spinners Lock Screen HD working plan:
Download hand spinner app on your device and enable the anime lock screen slide if you want and choose a passcode to lock your phone. when you open your phone screen you will see a new Fidget Spinner for free.

How to use Fidget Spinner Lock Screen Pro:
If you want to enable the lock on this free app just choose “enable” the Fidget Spinner Lock Screen Pro slide will be active and choose “Activate passcode” to set code pin to your phone, that’s it!

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Category: Personalization
Requirements: 4.0 and up

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