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Find Friends – Search Friends – Find my Family – Find my children
New Android application with which you can locate your friends, locate family etc. .. and identify their exact location on the map navigation application.

Find your friends on Facebook
Market only existing application that allows you to locate your friends on Facebook
Find your friends on Facebook and discover that the friend is near you .

Thanks to the latest generation Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide the most accurate, places to date in real-time.

Our personal safety app keeps track of where your loved ones are. It’s free!

With its simple operation you can Find my Family in a couple of seconds, only requires registration to access it once you’re registered, you just have to add your friends, family, employees etc. .. to know where they are .

Find my Family. The simple operation of the application is as follows:

→ 1. Install the application .
→ 2. You register through your form.
→ 3. Add to friends ( It is necessary that your friends have downloaded the application before and have registered ) , you can add them by entering their name, or looking in the phone book.

→ 4. Once your friend accepts the request , you already know where you are at all times
→ 5. Sets the mode of implementation ICE (In case of emergency)
→ 6. Enjoy other application options and view the history of your friends’ locations , see the route from your position to your friend, call etc ..

→ 7. If you liked the application Value us play store 😉

She just call, send SMS … With Find my Family can:

→ Know where to been your friend in the last hours.
→ Send push notification to share their location immediately.
→ Get directions from my position to your friend.
→ Send them a SMS directly.
→ ised a call.
→ Send an email.
→ Share our application on Facebook , Twitter, WhatsApp and other social networks , so your friends know him.
→ You no longer have to bother your child with “Where are you?” calls or texts.
→ Navigate to your child location
→ Search for a lost or stolen phone
→ Add second child, your spouse and other family members to your account
→ You can see the report of how your child is using and charging her or his phone
→ Kid Control GPS tracker has intelligent battery consumption, so uses 1-7% of the battery during the day
→ Many options that will let me discover it for yourself.

Free family locator kids is a reliable app to track cell phones.

Receive automated alerts when you child arrives at school and returns home. To do so, create Places (geo fences), for example School and Home. When your kid enters or leaves them, your phone will receive a notification.

Lost Kid Found, With Find My Kids

Besides all that, Find my children – Find Friends has a feature you care because it has implemented a system ICE (In Case of Emergency) , which, with the push of a button you can send a notification / email users who have previously configured. With the street number, town etc … from which you pressed the button on ICE

Find My Kids Offers Real Time Location Data

Plan your next family gathering with this family tracker and end multiple texts to learn everyone’s arrival time. Kid Tracker can alert you when family members have checked in at a location and thanks to GPS tracking technology, kid tracker can also advise if someone is running late.

Not only have the mobile application, but also for all users who have registered since the app will have the opportunity to see where their friends and other extra functionality from our official website

We will continue working to provide users with new extra functionality, such as logging in social networks .. etc.

Kid Control. I’m open to any ideas / corrections / improvements you have. Contact in [email protected]

Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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