Here’s the Flying Slime Apk Android game which is a 2D moving platformer offering Slime, a lovable monster that shifts through the trees of a forest conserve the Slime fatherland and to prevent the harvester device that is bad. In success mode, you should utilize abilities that are specific gather Nature rock to discover Slimies buddy and to avoid the harvester. In story mode, you must discover the Slime fatherland to be rebuilt by the Character Center. Have you got what is needed to assist the Slime that is soaring?

Flying Slime 2

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Flying Slime MOD APK Updated/Latest Version:

Latest android game Flying Slime Download

  • Added new Halloween content, including
  • New Halloween interface
  • New theme scene
  • The new Halloween slime image, you can collect Halloween levels in the props to get
  • New Halloween Track Effects
  • New Halloween Avatar
  • New Halloween levels, enter Halloween events, to meet new challenges


  • Enjoy a charming storyline and a cute, clean cartoon style.
  • Experience finely-tuned collision mechanics.
  • Revel in easy-to-play, hard-to-master gameplay.
  • Make it to the top of the in-game ranking system.
  • Record gameplay, learn to improve and share videos with friends.
  • Switch between multiple modes: campaign, survival, multiplayer, challenge.
  • Invite friends to compete against you.

Free Game Download Flying Slime

Enhanced and fixed the following

  • Beginner training degree method has been fixed so that gamers can get started quicker,
  • Added the function of immediately entering the amount that was next
  • so that you can enable gamers to better match with the problems, we get the problem of solitary-way division
  • In a solitary degree manner, the end of the assessment degree may be the hints that are more clearer
  • End of the solitary-level problems may obtain additional bonuses (onetime)
  • Hentai way also joined the concept map that was fresh
  • When the slime walls disappointment * Enhanced behaviour comments, may get an apparent hint
  • The problem of the style that is never-ending continues to be corrected to lessen the deathtrap kind, including interaction that is more fascinating
  • In the way that was never-ending, the participant resurrection cartoon period quickened

Love your Halloween


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Flying Slime APK

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