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Framy is the top app for all video content. Framy is the premier video community with an open market full of user generated VR content, dynamic 3D graphics, sounds, special effects, and influencers with 1 tap of a button. Explore the Framysphere of collaborative videos, produce cutting edge content with fellow Framyers, and become a star! With millions of creators, 40+ countries, and unparalleled features, what are you waiting for? Join the hype.

★ Star: in videos and watch yourself go viral. Use multiple clip recording to tell your story instantly. You can pluck out objects or people from videos and use them, or even share them with the world! Your potential and the possibilities are now endless.

★ Direct: Any video you want with countless influencers, special effects, 3D animated VR content, sounds, settings, and emotes. You have exclusive access to top stars and celebs, or even your friends and family. The Framy community is now your greatest crowdsourced resource.

★ Explore: With a video booth, look no further! Your favorite type of content is served to you on a silver platter, be it sports or dating. Your feed will always be catered to your taste– full of hilarious, poignant, and breathtaking moments! Top videos from your friends, family, and the world are finally at your fingertip.

With Framy the possibilities are endless, so choose to be the lead.


New Major Features:

• Now including user generated 3D animated VR content!

• Completely revamped open community for sharing VR content and collaborative video creation

• Video booth so you no longer even have to search to get your favorite types of video content instantly

• Record multiple video clips with the tap of a finger, so your story is as short and sweet as you want it to be

• Over 200+ new special effects, text animations, font, and open marketplace treats!

• Framy Pluck lets you instantly crop out moving objects and people from simple or solid colored backgrounds, which can be used in any Framy

• Language is no longer a barrier! Auto translate messages into your prefered language with the single tap of a comment so you can make friends across the world

• Engage with the community by directing videos with actors, uploading yourself and your friends, tagging, following, searching, and messaging


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Requirements: 4.1 and up

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