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Please be aware: Free Music is an unofficial third-party client that complies with Youtube third-party API terms of service(Powered by Youtube API). All music video is provided by Youtube API. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of DMCA.

Free music is a music video player which could offer you endless free video. No matter what kind of music you like, hip hop, rock, electronic or country music, I am sure you could find it here and enjoy the rhythm.
Features :
-Endless Catalog
When I say endless catalog, I’ m serious. You really could get endless video more than you could imagine at the first page. You could slide right or left to change the catalog, and every catalog has a lot of playlists. Get what you like and we would bring you unexpected surprising!
-Recently Played
Considering the endless catalog may increase the difficulty when you find a video you were watching last time, so we offer you a feature called Recent. You could easily search for the video you were watching recently. Give you quick access to the video you have watched before.
-Favorite List
And if you find a loved video you could add it in the favorite list. New artiests, classic favorites and everything you love you could add here.
-Personal Playlist
Besides, you could create your own playlist such as create a favorite singer’s album.
-Easy to use, thoughtful design

Requirements: 4.0 and up

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