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YouTunes ( YouTube Music App) : free music app & YouTube player for free songs, unlimited music YouTube & YouTube music video ( free music for YouTube, not YouTube background / free music download)

Free Music – YouTunes (music for YouTube)
– Unlimited music YouTube & YouTube music video in YouTunes;
– Keep freemusic playing even using other apps in YouTunes;
– Music player for search, listen and set playlist for free songs;
– Free music app of all kinds free songs, selected by genres, modes, artists;

Features of YouTunes Music ( music for YouTube) :
1.Unlimited music YouTube & YouTube music video:
Millions of free songs on YouTube in YouTunes Music (YouTube Player); All music genres such as pop, jazz, country and more.

2. Floating popup player for non-stop listening:
Floating popup for multitasking, keep music YouTube & YouTube music video playing even using other apps; easily move the floating popup to anywhere of the screen with our YouTube player.

3. Search, Favorite &Playlist:
Searching music YouTube & music video by artist or the name of free songs, set your own music radio and add your favorite free songs.

5.Artist Page:
In the page of artist, there are top tracks and albums of the artist, find and listen to their hottest songs;

What’s new in Free Music App – YouTunes ( free music for YouTube):
1.Top charts: different charts to find popular free songs now;
2.Hot singers: find who is hot now and listen to their top songs in our music box.
3.Greatest of all time: top 100 songs& artists of all time in our music app.

Declaration& Feedback:
Free Music App – YouTunes( music for YouTube) is a 3rd party music player powered by YouTube API; YouTunes ( YouTube Player – free music for YouTube) is a music box for online music, offline music & free music download is not provided in free music app(YouTube music app).
Music App – YouTunes (YouTube music app) do not allows free music download. As well, offline music & YouTube background is not allowed in YouTunes Music (YouTube music app) .

Feedback for freemusic -YouTunes ( music for YouTube) by Email:
If you like freemusic – YouTunes ( YouTube Player – free music for YouTube), please give us five stars in Google Play.

Requirements: 4.1 and up

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