Friday 13th Jason Killer Game 1

Here’s Friday 13th Jason Killer Game APK Android Game Download. Welcome to the worst nightmare of every human being – neglected country house, which actual host is the real mad maniac! Here you have a unique chance not to be a victim, but to be the maniac himself, so unleash your crazy fury and turn the life of these poor tourists into the hell before the police arrive! Hunt people and have fun playing Friday 13th: Jason Killer Game!

Sinister grin, terrifying mask, weapon splashed with something blood-like… You are a real horror of this awful place! For these poor humans it can seem safe and calm, but they still can’t guess what’s hiding at the other side of the door! Grab your chain saw or forcer and show them all who is the boss here! Destroy, slash and shred the bodies till the death! Watch these stupid people carefully, because they can call the 911 – so when the police arrive, you’d be dead immediately!

Become the fear itself! You are really strong and fantastically horrifying mad maniac, but not all your ‘guests’ are that simple and inoffensive: some of them are really aggressive to you! Choose your prey wisely not to be dead! Kill them before the police come and become the most blood-thirsty and crazy maniac the world ever knew with Friday 13th: Jason Killer Game!

Friday 13th Jason Killer Game APK+MODs. LATEST/UPDATED VERSION:

Earn points for each successfully killed enemy and power your personal characteristics like speed, noise level, stealth or hunter mode up! Unlock new powerful weapon such as forcer, machete, bat or axe! Make this place really dangerous!

Friday 13th Jason Killer Game ANDROID FEATURES:

  • Ultimate mad maniac simulator game
  • Wide range of different rivals
  • Interesting types of weapons for more fun
  • Amazing 3D graphics

Your madness is whispering to you: kill or be killed! Listen to your inner voice, find all these weak people, wreak panic and havoc and just have fun playing Friday 13th: Jason Killer Game!

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Requirements: 4.2 and up

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