Gamepad for VR Paid Apk free

Free Download Gamepad For VR Apk is the best gamepad in the market for Samsung Gear VR and it’s free to Download Gamepad For VR Apk  with updated version for your Android Phone this program that make your phone become a VR Control, allow you to get a handle on your VR Headset device via Blue Tooth. This program may generate a connection between two devices, one for VR Headset phone and additional one for VR Game Pad Game Pad for VR is suitable for Samsung Supplies VR, Yahoo Cardboard and additional VR Headset devices. This program utilizing a standard gamepad design so it’ll be suitable for lots of games. It is possible to perform with lots of games on Yahoo Perform with this program.

Download Gamepad For VR Apk

Gamepad for VR Apk

Gamepad for VR Apk

Gamepad for VR Paid Apk

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Gamepad for VR free download

Gamepad for VR gear

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How to use Gamepad For VR APK?

  1. -Requires 2 phones to work, one for VR Gamepad phone (VR controller) and other for VR Headset phone (running VR games)
  2. -Install and run this application on both of phones
  3. -Pair 2 phones via Bluetooth, change the Default input method of keyboard (watch the instruction video)
    then enjoy the game.


-If this app not work well, Restart this app on both phones and try again
-This application using standard gamepad layout, so it may not support for some special games.
-In some special games, only some keys was support (up/down/left/right, jump, fire, reload…)

List Supported Games

  1. Hardcode VR Game (forward/back/left/right, Y – fire, A – jump, B – change weapon)
  2. Temple Run VR (forward/back/left/right, jump)
  3. Zombiestan VR (setup gamepad at Setting before play)
  4. Zombie Alien Hunter VR (forward/back/left/right, A/Y – fire)
  5. Star VR Racer (up/down to move)
  6. Smash VR (X/A/Y – strike, B – exit)
  7. Sniper VR (B – zoom, X – fire)
  8. JetFlyHigh (left/right)
  9. Nitro Nation Cardboard (left/right/up)
  10. House of Terror VR (B – run, X – menu)
  11. VR Fantasy (forward/back/left/right, X – strike)
  12. The Dark Inside VR (forward/back/left/right)
  13. Alien Attack VR (X – fire)
  14. Sharks VR (forward/back/left/right, Y,B)
  15. Crossy VR (A – jump)
  16. Snow Strike VR (A – fire)
  17. Skeet shoot VR (A – fire)
  18. Jurrasic VR (jump)

How to Install Gamepad For VR Apk?

  1. Download the Gamepad For VR Apk from the link below
  2. Install the Apk
  3. Done
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Gamepad For VR Apk
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