Here’s GFX Tool APK(NO BAN) for PUBG Mobile to improve the FPS, Mobile gaming is all of the rages recently and smartphones like the Razer Phone, Asus ROG Phone, and also Xiaomi Black Shark are increasingly being released to capitalize of the marketplace. But not a lot people are able to afford (or need ) these gambling phones merely to play the most recent mobile games. For those who are not on the most recent flagship device such as the Samsung-galaxy S 9, OnePlus 6, or even Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S with the most recent flagship chip such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, subsequently matches such as PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) could have difficulty operating. But as a result of GFX Tool from XDA Member tsoml, you are able to radically enhance the operation of PUBG. If you are considering improving the FPS at PUBG, then you can follow with our guide below! Be aware you will want root access to variation 0.7. We recommend rooting your smartphone using Magisk.


GFX Tool APK (No Ban)

App Name GFX Tool No Ban(PUBG/Free Fire)
Android Required 4.0+
Total Downloads 5,000,000+
App Size 2.9MMB
Root Required No

If you are wondering what type of performance benefits you can get you’ll see, it simply about climbed the framework speed on that the OnePlus 3 powered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 along with Adreno 530 GPU. We affirmed our framework speed prior to creating the changes had been, typically, 26 at moderate images. Later, the framework speeds totaled about 4050 FPS typically. You should absolutely see an improvement.

GFX Tool APK by tsoml Features:



  • We were able to resolve the framework speed measuring and will confirm after implementing those changes we had a mean of 36 FPS, using consistent 40-60FPS at almost constantly.
  • We’d want to warn users who while it is perhaps not likely, there’s obviously a possibility that the programmers can change their position and begin attacking users. On PC they’ve just ever blocked those visual alterations, perhaps not exposing users.
  • This really may be definitely the most significant factor in establishing up the application. In the event you select variant 0.7, the application form will ask origin access since it’s not possible to get into the targeted FPS with no hassle.
  • Round the world and also in Korea, though, version 0.6 remains the most recent version published. You have to check what version that the match is currently before wanting to operate it through GFX Tool.
  • This part is really self-explanatory. The match onto the OnePlus 3 runs in 1920 ×1080, therefore halving the resolution to 960×540 means a smoother down-scale while also greatly reducing the number of pixels the need to be left.
  • PUBG has several images solutions to users, however, you can find more perhaps not demonstrated to an individual.
  • It’s possible to let super high fidelity images here who are not typically available, which means that you are able to give a try if you’d like.
  • Smooth is less compared to usual images, therefore it will help to squeeze some more FPS.

GFX Tool APK for Android What’s New:

Now there are a variety of programs on the Play Store that may allow you to improve images in PUBG Mobile. They work quite satisfying because they may change your match setting before launching the match. The utilization of these programs is simple and simple to use. An individual simply has to decide on the edition of this game he wishes to playwith. Just like they could select worldwide variant if he’s downloaded from Play store. He then wants to just select images set by which he wishes to play PUBG Mobile. This really is the most FPS that individuals desire. You will want to put this to 60 if you don’t attempt to steer clear of thermal throttling. The greater the value the greater your fluidity, however, the greater power will be needed. Anti-aliasing frequently eliminates”jaggedness” of textures, however, at the price of performance. Style denotes the hardness ranges and colors wrestling. That you do not have to bother about it setting because it’s simply decorative.

  • Shadows – While disabling shadows can net you better performance, it’s frequently a bad strategy to disable these from matches such as PUBG. They are sometimes valuable, therefore it’s far better to leave it on”Jump” and then make the game pick.
  • Vulkan- Vulkan describes this use of this Vulkan Graphics API that may improve performance but takes a verified device.
  • The most recent devices should encourage Vulkan, however, if the match doesn’t start out you are going to want to be certain this program is away.
  • Attempting to make use of it on your own devices will produce the video game crash in launching.

This may be the easy and fun most part. The accept button will automatically switch to some streak match, and all you need to do will launching the match and you are all set. Once the match starts, you should understand your preferences have employed whilst the resolution will probably be lower. Queue a match and give it a try, you should note it’s much simpler than previously.



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