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Currently available in English, Deutsche, Pусский, Français, Português and Español. Look out for the following languages coming soon: 正体字/繁体字, 简化字, 日本語, 한국어, Italiano, Polskie, Nederlandse, Türkçe, اللغة العربية.

Permissions used :
• Writing to external storage: Needed to backup database to local storage.

With the Go HAM Madcow 5×5 PRO app, you can customize your powerlifting workout and calculate your numbers based on your 5-RM lifts. Simply enter your 5-RM’s into the app and you’re good to go.

For more information on the Madcow 5×5, please visit:

Other features include:
💪 Choose your unit of measure between pounds or kilograms
💪 Easy Navigation. Select your days and swipe through your working and assistance workouts.
💪 Built-in persistent stopwatch to keep track of your rest times.
💪 Automatic user-defined rest timer after each set.
💪 Never forget the set you’re in by using the check-boxes that keeps track of your set and progress.
💪 Backup and Restore your data so you never lose it.
💪 Export to a spreadsheet to track your progress.
💪 Create assistance workouts.
💪 Editable and log-able weight and reps during workout.
💪 Display workout percentages in real-time.
💪 Customize your own Madcow 5×5 powerlifting reps.
💪 Customize your own Madcow 5×5 powerlifting ramp-set percentages.
💪 Customize how you want to deload. Set the weight, reps and sets and you’re good to go. You can select the deload to run after a user-defined week or deload selected workouts ONLY.
💪 Customize how you want to warm-up. Set the weight, reps and sets and you’re good to go. You can select all warm-ups to run or select certain workouts to display individually.
💪 Track your progress at any time within the workout page. View your current daily progress or use the calendar to see what workouts you’ve done in the past.
💪 Bar Loading / Plate Calculator
💪 View your 5-RM progress weekly using the searchable history database and line graph.
💪 Color coordinated notes history log. Deload, warm-up and working sets are color coded so you know which history log were performed.
💪 Display partial weights (for metric users)
💪 Partial weights for increments (for metric users)
💪 Custom and partial rounding
💪 Bar Loading / Plate Calculator
💪 No ADS!

Do you have any questions, feedback, bugs or suggestions on other workout routines you’d like to see? Feel free to email me. Any correspondent feedback is appreciated.

Look out for the following routines from Go HAM in the near future:
• Go HAM – Stronglifts 5×5 Calculator
• Go HAM – 5/3/1 Calculator
• Go HAM – Sheiko Calculator
• and more!

Disclaimer: Please note that Go HAM Madcow 5×5 PRO is an unofficial application designed to assist you with your workout. It is by no means connected to the actual powerlifting routine itself.

Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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