Goal-O-Matic Pro 1

Pro version of Goal-O-Matic adds color categories feature and removes ads!

Easy to use task management for the Pomodoro or personal Timeboxing time management techniques.

– Stats for completed tasks and pomodoros or timeboxes
– A chart showing your progress over the last 30 days
– A timer that actually works!
– Notifications
– Ads only on the “about” and “settings” screens
– Customizable timer notification sound
– Vibrate option for when the timer ends
– Fun!!*
– Pretty Interface**
(*Fun not guaranteed, void where prohibited)
(**Depending on who you ask)

The Pomodoro Technique® works by breaking tasks into smaller 25 minutes blocks and then winding up your timer and working all out until the 25 minutes is up. After the 25 minute ‘Pomodoro’ ends you must immediately take a 5 minutes break.

Timeboxing is the more general technique that works in a similar way and is used heavily for project management and software development but can also be adapted to personal time management and the Pomodoro Technique is one method for doing that.

Goal-O-Matic does not force you to use the rigid Pomodoro way of 25 minute blocks with short and long breaks and instead allows up to an hour long timeboxes/pomodoros and 0-60 minutes short and long breaks. Since Goal-O-Matic doesn’t rigidly conform to the Pomodoro Technique we prefer to use the flexible Timeboxing terminology instead to detonate this.

See the screenshots for more details!

[Pomodoro™ and Pomodoro Technique® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This app is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.]
Category: Productivity
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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