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GoDaddy SmartLine 2nd Number is mostly used to have an online number or for a business number.Still using your personal number for business? Your business deserves its own phone number. GoDaddy SmartLine 2nd Number adds a second phone number to your smartphone. That’s right – you can have one phone with two phone numbers. No more giving your personal number for the business. Finally, know when a call is for business or personal.

GoDaddy SmartLine 2nd Number:

Smartline makes getting a phone number easy – No new equipment to buy. No expensive contracts. No hassle.
• Get a local phone number with a U.S. area code
• Make and receive calls using your business phone number
• Caller ID shows your business number
• Create a customizable business voicemail greeting
• Get your voicemails transcribed and sent to your email
• Set business hours for when your phone rings
• Send and receive text messages from your business number

GoDaddy SmartLine 2nd Number How it works:

• Choose your new business phone number
• Link your new number to your smartphone – now when someone calls your business number it will ring on your mobile phone. You will see the name or phone number of the person calling and “via GoDaddy SmartLine 2nd Number” to let you know it’s a business call.
• Smartline uses your cellular signal, so the call quality is the same as your personal number. SmartLine works anywhere your mobile phone works.


: The SmartLine product and service described is currently available only in the United States.

3 reasons your small business needs its own phone number

1. Keep your personal number private. Protecting your personal privacy is more important than ever before. Getting a dedicated business phone number lets you control who has your personal number.
2. Separate your business and personal calls. Finally, stop wondering if a call is for business or personal. You decide whether to answer a call. You can even set business hours for when your phone rings to help you be more efficient and productive – no more interruptions during dinner or family time.
3. Look and sound like a bigger business. Appearing professional is a must for today’s small business owners. With a dedicated business number, you can answer business calls like a pro. Even when you can’t get to the phone, calls will go to your business voicemail. A professional business greeting let your clients and prospects know you are an established, credible business. Keep customers coming back and give them a reason to tell others about your business.
Requires a GoDaddy SmartLine 2nd Number subscription. Learn more at

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