GoIV Apk

GoIV Apk Download NO BAN calculate Pokemon’s IVs Android App without login. GoIV Apk does not interfere with Pokemon GO or their servers. IV determines how much additional power a Pokemon has, compared to the standard. The higher the IVs, the more hp/attack/defense (CP) the Pokemon may have, in comparison with yet another Pokemon of the same kind & level.

GoIV Apk

GoIV Apk

  • Latest Version: 3.2.0 (17)
  • Apk Size: 29.6 MB
  • Checksum:
    MD5 C07C44CCDF75AB44B73030F6CC633E11
    SHA1 40AE2706969D373FF4990E0094139FB64E965431
    SHA-256 FE48B8EE6DE7CDFA001A33462AAF71436799D59290A17F6CC7B428296C51BF8B
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GoIV Apk

GoIV Apk

GoIV Apk Download

GoIV Apk Download

GoIV Apk – Changelog: [3.2.0 (17)]

  • Reverted languages to only supported
  • Added Crashlytics to check for crashes (Internet permissions added)
  • Improved battery saver mode
  • Performance improvements
  • Added CP calculations
  • Fixed needed candy/stardust formula
  • No longer copies on scan

GoIV Apk:

Why does the app fail to scan my Pokemon type?

The program reads the Pokemon name to discover kind that is Pokemon, it will neglect if you have provided your Pokemon a nickname.

Why doesn’t my arc dot line up perfectly?

Then it is fine when it’s merely a couple of pixels erroneous. It barely lines up ‘flawlessly’ on any device. Usually, when the dot is misaligned, it happens the user has forgotten to growth their level in the app. You are able to find what amount the program thinks your trainer is in the telling, it’s incorrect, change it in the app! Then you may have a device with an uncommon resolution, if the dot nevertheless does not fit, and it will not be bad if the program was upgraded to adapt that.

Why doesn’t the IV button appear?

The most common reasons are:

  1. Such as display brightness level that is powerful and tinting display changing apps / characteristics.
  2. The phone you are operating has a faulty screen capture API (For some Cyanogen and a few lesser known brands)
  3. The application hasn’t been granted permission to pull over other apps.
  4. The application wasn’t started.

Does this application break Niantics terms of use?

This program is in a region that is gray, you can claim the program doesn’t or does, according to how the choice of words is interpreted by you.

Can you get banned from Pokémon Go for using GoIV?

Obviously, you won’t as no login is required.

Why does GoIV require permissions?

  • Storage: To store the OCR module. (OCR – Optical character recognition, finished that turns pictures of text into text.)
  • Screen capture: To identify when to add the overlay, and also to examine the Pokemon information.

What are IVs?

Compared to Fight Power or CP in Niantic’s game, Individual IV are more important compared to the game Pokemon strength rating method. Individual Worth make up the CP evaluation itself, so Pokemon GO players should definitely pay attention to these concealed numbers to raise their odds in GYM fights that are winning.
Watch this to understand IV:


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