Here’s the GoNNER APK Full Paid Android game free download. This sport works only on NVIDIA SHIELD Android Television and needs a control to perform. This is rough as heck rating-established procedurally-created platformer with components that are the roguelike. The game can also be a tale of the friendship between Passing, as well as Sally was called by a room whale. You are going to expire. A great deal. That is by design, nonetheless, it is not created to not believe fair. Thus do not drop your mind you will ultimately get the hold of it. However actually in the event that you are doing it really is ok trigger we’ve plenty of alternative heads you may utilise.


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Install and play this full game for free on your android smartphones and tablets and let us know your experience about the game in the comments below. This game is a tough as hell score-based procedurally-generated platformer with roguelike elements.It is also a story about friendship between Ikk, Death, and a space whale named Sally. You will die. A lot. A giant landbound whale named Sally – by searching for just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby.

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I love platformers…. I love shooters….. A platfomer shooter … Yes please. This is great… unique with a funky soundtrack… and its addictive as hell… Thank you for bringing this to SHIELD.


  • Regions that are key exist in the universe of GoN NER, and these regions are certain to enable you to get different items that you can then consistently use from the start of each run. We’re not likely to tell you how you can these areas or exactly what the criteria is for even locating them duh, because of strategies.
  • UNLOCKS! You’ll be able to decide CREATED! Each and every single time you play the game the levels present chances as well as unique challenges and will undoubtedly not be same.
  • SECRETS! Secret animals, get combos, score factors, and boast to your own friends how much better you are than them.
  • LEADER BOARDS! Eliminate It’s them!
  • SOUNDS! not freaking bad.
  • AUDIO! It’s really on in the beginning of each run so make sure you experiment with each of them and locate the play style that best fits you from many different active and passive abilities.



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