Here’s Granny Mod Apk (Mod Menu, God Mode, Invisible), which helps to kill the monsters faster and it is a horror android game. GRANNY APK+MOD is actually a survival horror game knocking around stealth gameplay. Granny keeps you locked inside her home and she won’t allow you to go. You awaken in a darkened area, you’ve got a hassle and it seems just like someone has struck you in your mind.  The one thing which lights the room up would be the flashlight lying on your desk. You are being held captive with a crazy, blind elderly woman that”finds everything,” and shambles around a tiny two-level dwelling carrying out a bat and falling leg-mangling stand traps.

Granny Mod Apk for Android

Granny Mod Apk for Android

App Name Granny Mod Apk(Mod Menu)
Android Required 4.0+
Total Downloads 50,000,000+
App Size 99 MB
Root Required No

Your goal is to flee your house within five days (your afternoon finishes if Granny grabs you) from the unbarring/unlocking front door. You do so by avoiding Granny while looking at your house for tools and keys; in case Granny finds you, then you’ve got to run and hide — or possess your own face in. This really is among the ugliest games in the app store, but also among the scariest. Granny’s assumption is simple: This provides you five opportunities to reach your aim, and it also uses economic ways to make an incredible quantity of anxiety. The creaking floorboards, spooky songs, and Granny’s unsettling voice along with unearthly cackles are likely to create your blood run cold, particularly if you are wearing headphones.

Granny APK+Hack for Android Features:

Granny Mod Apk + hack

Granny Mod Apk+Hack

Success is dependent upon keeping a cool mind; the strain increases the more you creep around your home, and unexpectedly running into Granny could cause fatal spells of anxiety. The older girl is not fast, but she is persistent; in the event that you suspend upon visiting her, then you are unquestionably meat. While sound and gameplay execute a lot, they are undercut by dull, awful pictures, occasional technical problems (such as Granny becoming stuck to a doorway and jerking her tongue by means of a wall), and also annoying ad breaks which pull you directly from this terror experience. In general, Granny is as a prototype for a finished program, while managing to become child-inappropriate nightmare fuel.

Granny is really a Free to Play indie terror match with gruesome artwork, blood, and also jump scares which can be probably too intense for younger children. The gameplay is hard as well, even in its easiest setting, that might frustrate a few players. Its stealth gameplay comes with a corpse-like granny who chases the gamer by means of a home or apartment with a damn bat. Players that get captured are crushed, and blood-spatter covers the monitor. Cannibalism is indicated, together with pools of a hunk of dangling raw beef, however, the grainy art and artwork style restricts the desire of this gory imagery.

Granny Mod Apk What’s New:

Granny APK Invisible Mod

Granny APK Invisible Mod

In addition, you have to be on the lookout on her keep traps as well as other items lurking in the shadowy, such as her pets,” such as. It is possible to hide in wardrobes and coffins however be careful she doesn’t find you at which you’re concealing. There’s one other solution to flee. In the base of the house, there’s a garage. At the garage, there’s an older vehicle. If you are able to launch it and open the door it is possible to escape like that.

You’ll be able to protect your self out of Granny using among both unique sorts of weapons you’ll be able to see inside your home. Nonetheless, it just stops her for some time. Nonetheless, it’s well worth it. You will find five distinct degrees of difficulty. In case you play with a used model, you’re inside your home without Granny and also have the chance to try unique things without major difficulties. However, your home isn’t totally clear of threats. Granny provides you five days at your home however, you can make an excess day in the event you really do something because of her. In case you’ve neglected to flee after the previous day… well, probably it’s possible to determine what goes on afterward.

Granny Mod Apk Android Gameplay:

The principal doorway is covered with various locks now you must find your home and discover keys and different items to unlock the door and escape the house.
However, you must be careful because Granny hears everything and when you lose something on the ground or walking onto a creaking floor she’s going to begin running into the area she discovered that noise.

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Granny Mod Apk (Latest)


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