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Here’s Hello Bixby APK Android Voice Assistant Application by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. This is Samsung’s new assistant which will be made available on the latest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices.

Hello Bixby is an intelligent assistant manufactured by Samsung.

On March 20, Samsung announced a voice assistant electronic helper called “Bixby”. Bixby was released along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 throughout the Unpacked 2017 event that has been held on March 29. Samsung formally revealed Bixby week before the start but it just produced its first appearance throughout the occasion. Bixby also can be unofficially installed on older galaxy devices operating Android Nougat, through APK downloads.

The voice assistant in today’s devices have become more and more strong, as well as the exact same could be said about Bixby, which guarantees to offer an all-inclusive level of action between the devices as well as the customers.

It does issue in the event the customers would like to learn when they would like to order a text message, or what’s the climate like when they would like to make a meeting in the diary. The assistant in Samsung’s galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is going to do these tasks all using exactly the same simplicity.

Theoretically, any actions that customers may do with contact must even be potential with Bixby. The sole issue is the fact that when they need their apps to be totally integrated using the assistant, programmers should implement support.


  • Say anything that you want and Bixby will listen
  • Use voice command to talk with your device
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Requirements: 7.0 and up

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