High School Cafe Cashier Girl - Kids Game 1

You have been into high school as a student. How about changing the role and start to work as high school cafe cashier girl. It feels great getting tasty food from high school cafe but managing cafe as high school cashier girl is a real challenge. Let’s learn to serve high school students tasty and delicious food during lunch time and put your time management skills to real test as you are going to manage the cafe cashier counter as well. Being a cashier girl, learn to make the crazy high school students satisfied with your skills. Make your cash management skills strong. Improve basic mathematical learning skills in amazing cafe cashier girl story.

High School Cafe Cashier Girl is about taking food orders, serving tasty food to high school students and managing cash at the counter. The cashier machine will help you quickly learn best cashier techniques. Operate the cashier register machine, enter the price of each item manually, total the bill of all items, receive cash from the customers, return balance amount if any, put money in the cash drawer and give receipt to the customers. There is a long queue of hungry high school students and long delay would make them angry. Be a smart high school cafe cashier girl and don’t let the student leave food counter. Your appointment as a new high school cafe cashier girl is appreciated in high school. Once you learn to handle cash at burger shop you will be given chance to become the super cafe cashier girl in bakery, juice corner and high school cafe.

Learn the skills of becoming a cafe cashier pro and become a super cashier girl in high school burger shop, juice corner and high school cafe. Be ready for a real cash handling challenge standing at the point of sale in high school cafe. Don’t put the patience of hungry high school students at test. Serve the food, play with the cash and handle cashier counter smartly. The sweet customer might get angry and leave the counter. Give them a super quick service to become a super cashier girl of cafe.

• Take orders, Serve food and handle cash in high school cafe!
• Learn time management skills as super cashier girl!
• Increase your customer’s patience by offering sweet candies!
• Become top cashier girl of cafe, bakery, juice corner & burger shop!
• Superb graphics, soothing sound effects & amazing cashier story!

Requirements: 4.0 and up

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