Holy TD

Here’s Holy TD APK Android strategy game download. Conquer lots of monks of imps in the initial Structure Defence match in regards to the sequence! All of this to protect humanity from lots of devils!

The Great Designer, Salutations! We’ve got a small trouble here… Ground forces of devils busting into the world through the sites! This indicates that to board these foul space-time pockets up had not been enough. But you were got by that fine! Only I’d like to conclude we them and that… hit mash!

Holy TD APK MOD. Updated/Latest Version:


  • Tonnes of distinct SYSTEMS! Strike ‘em up, photo, cut, toxin, strike ‘em incinerate again along with a tiny bit of salt on very best up, cause devils that are ‘ despise sodium!
  • Extremely trendy CHARACTERS it is possible to command throughout conflict!
  • True PLAYERS which might be able to present devils what is what! And when they’ll determine which aspect to support the blade, which will change poorly for devils!
  • Tonnes of distinct SKILLS you need to use during a conflict. Notice? There are a fireball flies reduced. Some state it’s to yet another devil’s departure!

Holy TD Android Features:


  • Lots of STAGES and unbelievable lots of devils!
  • Tonnes of different opponents from cowardly imps to almighty Arch-Wizard.
  • Exceptional and ENJOYABLE sports artwork fashion. Eliminating devils was never this much fun before, small!
  • The sport is accepted by the Chapel of the holy BADABOOM! Explosions, explosions EXPLOSIONS!
  • In play marketplace, all they discuss is that this sport! And this text is being read by you without actually attempting to perform the
  • They won’t play the sport, rush up to DOWN-LOAD and allow you to get here!
  • The game is liberated to perform, however, you can help the software engineer purchasing some crystals! Have mercy, we actually need to consume…


  • monitor nightmare commanders that direct their forces to the conflict. Sacred growth structure is needed bill if you are moved collectively by adversary lots. And when they go individually some catapults will be an option that is better.
  • A team of succubuses are difficult to ruin, therefore try eliminating them asap.
  • Attempt to eliminate fat-ass asap ‘cause fat people may spawn after his departure.
  • When there’s an Arch-Wizard on battle field strike him with every thing you may if you don’t would like to battle a whole lot larger lots of foes.
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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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