Hotkey Music Control for Garmin Connect IQ Watches 1

The application allows you to control phone music directly from a watch with hot keys.

How to use:
1. Install Android app to the phone from Google Play and watch widget from Garmin Connect IQ Store to the Garmin Watch;
2: If you use special modes of the phone such as STAMINA on Sony phones, or Auto-Start Manager on ASUS, or similar modes to optimize battery life on other phones, please add this application in exceptions;
3. Run application on your phone (making sure that at this moment the watch is connected to your phone). Press the “Select the device” in the phone app and select your Garmin watch;
4. The app is ready to use.

Select Hotkey Music Control widget on your watch and press START key for start playing.

Play/pause: press START key;
Increase/decrease volume: press UP/DOWN keys;
Previous/next track: hold UP/DOWN keys.

Requirements: 5.0 and up

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