Huawei Search APK

Here’s the Huawei Search APK app which offers the latest stunting features such as quick searches, fastest views to widgets, and newsfeeds as simple as Google launcher. Except for all in one search results, users can also sort searches for Videos, News, and Images categories very simply in this application. It is so user-friendly and gets search results instantly in very little data usage. To be mentioned, the app is also compatible with dark mode on EMUI 10 which is only available in Huawei smartphones.

Huawei Search APK

Huawei Search APK

Download the latest Huawei Search App version:

Huawei Search APK

Currently, you will not find this app on AppGallery or App drawer because it’s still under internal testing and not launched publically. You may also find some bugs in the beta app linked above.

How To Active the Huawei Search Widget on your Android device?

  • Just go to Home Screen
  • Press and hold or pinch together two fingers
  • Tap Widget options from the bottom
  • Select “Search” from the widget options (Scroll left or right to find)
  • Touch the “Search” widget to add it to the home screen. If there is no room on the current screen page, touch and hold it, then drag it to a different screen page.

Server Error?

Due to the ongoing development, the app could show server error depending on the user’s region. Just Try  any VPN to avoid this issue.

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