Here’s the Imprint – Fingerprint Camera Paid apk free download full cracked app for android is fastest and the simplest method to shoot movies and photos with back on Android mobiles – facing detectors. Just push on any hand on your fingerprint detector to start/stop saving a movie or to get a picture. Giving your mobile away to another person to shoot the picture? No trouble, also a hand that is unpublished may get a video or an image! Make use of the top-facing camera for simple and fast selfies or make use of a corner-cam for quality pictures that are higher /movies.

Imprint - Fingerprint Camera 2

Imprint – Fingerprint Camera Apk Download by

Wonderful It has a very niche use case, but is perfect for what it does. I just wish it could be easily used as the camera in apps like telegram. Edit: Yes, but the photo is not then returned to telegram. I have to select it from the gallery.

Imprint – Fingerprint Camera APK Updated/Latest Version:

Fingerprint Camera Imprint - Fingerprint Camera App

Imprint – Fingerprint Camera ANDROID APP. FEATURES:

  • This app is only available for phones with fingerprint scanners. You will not be able to download it if your phone is not equipped with one
  • The app works best with phones featuring a rear or side-facing fingerprint sensor, but will work with any phone that uses the Nexus Imprint API.
  • Uses the Camera2 API to take the crispest photos and videos.

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Imprint - Fingerprint Camera APK

If you have any issues then please comment below or else just leave a thank you for the apk!

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