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Incognito Away is an application which blocks Incognito Tabs from *Google Chrome*. Once installed, you just need to open the app, and enable a quick setting. That’s it! From then on, all Chrome Incognito tabs will be blocked as soon as they are opened – it’s instantaneous.

Incognito Away also can display messages when an incognito tab is closed, allowing you to warn the person whom is trying to open an incognito tab for example. Additionally, if you wish to have Incognito tabs blocked only at night time for example, such as from 9PM till 9AM, Incognito Away has a Scheduled Monitoring feature.

The app is tiny, has a minimal footprint and does not hog system resources at all. Additionally, the Blocking Service is smart enough to spawn only when necessary.

There is also an option to hide the app from your launcher’s apps list. If you enable this setting, to open the app, you can instead dial *#*#20017#*#* from your Phone calling app. (note: dialling method may not work on all Samsung devices – in such a case you can use the “Hide apps” feature of your launcher).

✓ Blocks Incognito Tabs for Google Chrome
✓ Scheduled Monitoring – allows you to block Incognito tabs only within a certain time period
✓ Message Prompts – choose to display a message/alert to the user when someone tries to open an incognito tab
✓ Password Protected – Prevent unauthorised users from changing your Incognito Away settings
✓ Hidden App – Ability to hide the app from your device’s Application Launcher. In this case, to open the app dial *#*#20017#*#* (note: dialling feature may not work on all Samsung devices – in such a case you can use the “Hide apps” option of your launcher instead)
✓ Simple and easy to use user interface – no unnecessary clutter or junk
✓ No PRO or LITE versions. Simply one version for all!

If you are installing this app on someone else’s device (eg: your child), to prevent them from uninstalling the app, it is recommended that you use an App Locker (search Google Play Store for “App Locker”). These apps will allow you to password protect the Device Settings app, Application installer/uninstaller, as well as the Play Store app. In turn, this will mean that if a child for example tried to uninstall Incognito Away or install an unsupported browser, they would be prompted for a password.

If you are installing Incognito Away for a child, it is advised that you should not leave any other browser installed on their device but Google Chrome.

Supported Browsers for Incognito Tab Blocking:
– Chrome
– Chrome DEV
– Chrome BETA
– Chrome Canary

Q: Why aren’t additional browsers supported?
Currently, its only technically possible to block Incognito tabs from Google Chrome. All other browsers are yet to be updated by their developers. Once they are updated and it is technically possible to block their incognito tabs, Incognito Away will too be updated.

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Requirements: 4.4 and up

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